Sunday, March 4, 2012


Having been diagnosed with LGMD at the age of 14 I did not know much about the condition. I grew up seeing my strength decline, I knew I had muscular dystrophy and it had something to do with enzymes at least that is what I could remember.

From being the best female soccer player in Primary School I was being reduced to a mere spectator because my body was just not moving the way the other kids were, so I was dropped. I tried my lack in High School but to my surprise my condition had worsened.

Limb Girdle MD is a group of many disorders affecting voluntary muscles, I guess this was the reason when I wanted to run after the ball my body could not move and instead I kept on tripping and falling all the time.
In LGMD the word proximal is used to describe the muscles that are most affected in LGMD.the person with Lgmd looses bulk and muscle strength hence the reason why I also feel that my body is so heavy for me, it takes up to three strong men to lift me up when ever I fall but now a days I am extra careful on what I step on and I also make sure the floor is not wet. If I can not make a particular step I just sit on my wheel chair the one I was initially rejecting to help me cross over or reach where I was going faster especially if I was out of the house and nature comes calling.

LGMD can begin in childhood, adolescence, young adulthood or even later. My condition started in childhood I guess, though diagnosis was given in adolescence.It affects both genders equally though each patient's progression takes an individual form.

In Kenya I am yet to find someone like me or rather with the same condition and it can get lonely at times.

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  1. I have met a couple of people with md in Kenya since I posted this so I do not feel like am the odd one out anymore.


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