Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Many a times you get to see in the news parents abandoning their disabled children in hospital when they fall sick.Due to the stigma they face in the society most parents fear to take their disabled children to school thus worsening the status of their children in the society.
No matter the kind of disability your child has, I believe their is an institution that fits his/her special needs.

It is unlawful for education providers to treat you less favorably for a reason related to your disability or to fail to make reasonable adjustments to prevent you being placed at a substantial disadvantage.

It is against the law for education providers to discriminate against you in the following areas:

* admissions (including placing requests)
* the curriculum, teaching and learning and other services which are provided wholly or mainly for students – including school trips and outings, school sports, leisure facilities and school meals, libraries and learning centers, work experience and student accommodation
* by excluding you from an education institution or course.

I thank God for He gave me parents who believed in my abilities took me to school and appreciated every effort I made.
The Institution where I studied during my High School years was one of a kind because the teachers and students made my school years easy for me. with muscular dystrophy, climbing stairs is no easy task and if your teachers are not that understanding it can really weigh you down and am glad the school administration understood my needs.

The next time you see someone with a disability and the family refuses to take him/her to school, educate them about the benefits of taking their child to school. Knowledge is power and without knowledge the child will grow up and become one ignorant citizen sitting on street corners begging for food and money.

Think about it....

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