Friday, November 8, 2013


Over the years a lot of positive changes have been taking place in our beloved country Kenya which we could not enjoy especially if you had a disability. Going to town was a nightmare for me then especially because I had no assistive device to move around and pushing and shoving was the order of the day.

Today I can leave the house and go to wherever I want to go because my wheelchair has simplified my life, there are more parking spaces left for persons with disability. Although the housing sector is yet to comply with the government directive of accessibility, I do believe we are making strides. Job opportunities are opening up for persons living with disability, we even have a cabinet secretary with a disability and members of parliament and senate representing persons with disability. Disability is no longer being regarded as a curse.

There are some conditions that when you have someone will automatically know that you have a disability but with LGMD one has to see you stand up for them to know you have a disability. I was once approached by a lady who saw my sister and I walking holding my hand as we walked slowly, greeting us, she started making gestures with her fingers she wanted to know if I could see. It was tough at first for me to keep answering questions however stupid some sounded; today I can honestly say the answers come more naturally and I do not feel offended when someone asks, "hey what happened? "why are you on a wheelchair?".
Hoping to have a powered wheelchair so that I can regain most of my independence because with the manual wheelchair I still need someone to push me around......

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