Thursday, January 23, 2014



It is the first month of the new year 2014, everything this year seems to be changing real fast. I must say the weather has been good, very sunny am even thinking of going for a swim. Then I suddenly remember my fears...back in the day we used to go for swimming every weekend but the problem I had was fear, I used to fear drowning even in the shallow end, so what I used to do was sit at the end of the pool and watch people swim and enjoy themselves.

 My muscles had already started to weaken and though I was not aware of it, I always thought I was getting heavier because by age thirteen I had issues with my weight. Things really do change fast, from sitting at the end of the pool, I was now sitting on the bench watching from a distance.

We are in 2014 today and a lot has happened, my muscles are getting weaker by the day, everyday I realize what I could do a few days ago is becoming difficult to do. I try to keep my hands busy so that my shoulder muscles do not waste faster. My left hand has been of great help. I am right handed and that means I use my right hand to do practically everything.Due to muscle weakness I am unable to lift my right hand to the level I want it to reach especially while eating so I have to use my left hand to support my right making it easier for me to eat, cook and dress.

I thank God for the physical strength that I enjoy today because His grace has been sufficient for me.

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