Sunday, August 16, 2015


Today I feel like I can fly to the moon and back, I am so happy. I just want to thank my God for  His blessings upon my life. Truly he has been gracious to me. After so many years of  setbacks after setbacks, He was only preparing me for something greater MD notwithstanding.
with friends at a friends wedding
These beautiful ladies are my former High School classmates, from left Sarah, Grace and Annette. I had a great time, seeing them after so many years.
Regina and I
I wonder what Reggie was doing behind the yellow line!!!!! Am glad she was there we were able to take a snap.
From Left: Regina, Faith, Annette, Sarah, Moniq,Grace, Rachael and Aidah
The girls

At the dinner table...I enjoyed every bite
Meal time

Cheers to you...

I was able to attend this event because the venue was accessible and everything was disability friendly. I am looking forward to more adventures and fun moments.

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